How Is Influencer Marketing Useful For Startups?

Did you know that the trend of Influencer Marketing is growing at a constant average of 5% month on month?

Influencer Marketing is one of the most trending marketing strategy that start-ups can adopt easily and build an efficient and effective channel for growing numbers and increasing brand awareness.

It is a great combination of new and old school marketing tools, where the celebrity endorsement is tactfully combined with native marketing. Content remains the centre point of communication. Creatively placing the brand within the communication yet retaining the context of the same helps brands to effectively communicate with relevant audience while they are consuming the content.

Identifying the right set of influencers is very important. Influencers, unlike celebrities, can be anywhere. They can be anyone. What makes them influential is their large followings on the web and social media. Start-ups need to first identify their target audience and then identifying the right influencers whom their customers are following. Influencers could be a famous fashion photographer on Instagram or a techie who is influential on twitter for his latest tech updates or recommendations.

Good news is that there are lot of tools available online that can help you find influencers. Followerwonk, Traackr, littlebird, klout to name a few.

Another useful tactic is reaching out to your customers via inspections or conversations on your social networks to ask them which influencers they admire and turn to for product recommendations and reviews.

Your selection could be based on the number of followers they have, interests and geographical location of their followers, average engagement per month and an understanding on how they will be able to amplify the content you propose to promote through their channels.

However, it’s important to do necessary research and identify influencers strategically. Integrating your product launch or PR schedule with this strategy can create a multiplier effect on your brand awareness.

Email, twitter and blogs are the top 3 preferred way of reaching out to influencers, email being the preferred choice of 68% of respondents – according to an online survey.


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