Rahul Bagga’s session on IPR

Rahul Bagga, Co-Founder AdastraIP conducted a session at our Ahmedabad centre in mid-January and the same was broadcasted live as a webinar for other centre startups. Understanding the need for Startups to be aware of Intellectual Property rights which will help them to craft their own Ip strategy while they are building solutions the session was much awaited by our current cohort. Rahul started with a briefing on what makes up an Intellectual Property. He explained patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial design and trade secrets in detail. He raised a question why  file for IPRs and answered that it helps

  • To stop others from practising your invention
  • To be able to license or sell your inventions
  • To create a favourable image
  • To gain recognition for ingenuity and originality
  • To gain recognition for novelty and problem solving
  • To impress colleagues, peers and family members
  • To obtain glory and esteem

Rahul explained the Patent filing procedure in India through a flow chart diagram. He also explained on the overseas filing of the patents. He touched on IPRs for Mobile Applications and software.

Rahul also dealt in detail about various benefits which startups can avail under Startup India for IPR facilitation.

Rahul got into Q&A mode answering the specific questions from entrepreneurs around their IPR challenges and how to go about them.

The session surely would have helped the entrepreneurs in the cohort to make better decisions about IPR related issues and be IPR conscious quite early.

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