Interaction with Vijay Gupta

Vijay Gupta Ex CE0- Siegwerk, India spent some time interacting with our Delhi cohort entrepreneurs on 12th January at our corporate office in Jasola, New Delhi. Bringing in the expertise of leading Siegwerk India from starting up in India wherein the company has consistently grown profitably with a CAGR of 20% to making Siegwerk India not only as the most respected company in the Indian Printing Inks industry but also as one of the most profitable ones within Siegwerk Group worldwide.

Vijay started with asking a question to the entrepreneurs that what their interfaces i.e websites meant for their customers. How the content there was helping a visitor to understand what they can get from them as a Product or service. Good content is a great hook and should answer How the user benefits from the services? What major pain points of the user will the services remove?

Another key area wherein Vijay drove the attention of the entrepreneurs was the Competition and the analysis of it. One should know feature by feature about the services of competitors deeply so that you are able to know what makes you different. Vijay asked entrepreneurs to abstain from criticizing the competitors in front of the customers who already have made a decision of going with their competition as it will be like criticizing the customer’s decision. Instead, as an example, he suggested asking them which extra two features they would like to have to make their experience better than their present one and focusing on those two features.

Vijay advised entrepreneurs on understanding their capabilities and how they could help their customers in their market.

Customer acquisition should be one of the main focuses all across the startup to a respectable stage. Further to that, one should focus on people management and competitive strategy as the competitor will also start attacking back once we acquire their customers.

About Team management, Vijay did thrust on building a value system which comes with trust amongst employees and higher management. Vijay advised for setting an expectation before going into any meeting with the team and conducting meetings with the expected outcome in mind no matter where it deviates in between.

Vijay shared some examples and strengths of working in cross-cultural teams while he was at Siegwerk, India. The audience surely got benefited by his expert talks and the journey he had while leading Siegwerk India.

Vijay expressed his content in meeting the entrepreneurs and looks forward to working and mentoring them.

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