Harshit Desai shared his expertise around User Experience with the resident Startups of Espark -Viridian

What & why of UX? Harshit started with defining what User experience is representing the perception left in someone’s mind following a series of interactions between people, devices and events- or any combination thereof. He stated that user experience has prominence over customer experience. Clarifying how UX is not just UI, he touched on steady state for organisations wherein the organisations swing in between the Business Needs, Strategy design, User needs and Technical implementation.

Giving instances of different ventures, he thrusted upon the startup audiences to bridge the User experience gap by elaborating on understanding Users and Design Innovation. Touching on some examples of interfaces of citibank, Irctc etc, he exhibited a heuristic audit to understand what a user may think while browsing their websites. He also touched on some techniques of interesting User eye tracking gaze plots. Answering to one of the questions from entrepreneurs, he advised entrepreneurs to engage with users and try to know what the users are saying.


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