Demystifying terms sheet with Satish Kataria

Satish Kataria in a followup session got on a webinar with our entrepreneurs in January end. Building on his previous session of understanding valuations and what Investors look in a startup, he started with explaining about Venture capital, Private equity and the difference among them.  Satish detailed about the stages of funding with illustrations in his presentation. He touched on how the Indian Startup Ecosystem has evolved from funding perspectives. He also shared certain insights like “the start-up epicentre of the world is shifting towards Asia” government initiatives national policies, “national startup policies have started to show on ground-impact”, “new trends are shaping India into a more holistic start-up ecosystem”.

Satish gave a country comparison and how India was continuing to be the third largest startup Ecosystem in the world. Satish also explained about the Fund and what is inside a FUND,  the basic terms and structure.  He also shared the Key Terms of a Term Sheet like valuation- Pre-money, amount of offering, Securities, Board Representation, Founders shares and tag along rights, liquidation preference, anti-dilution rights and drag along rights.

The session was helpful for entrepreneurs to understand funding perspectives.

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