Comprehensive outlook on building startups

Manish Upadhyay, co-founder LIQVID was the mentor of the month at Espark-Viridian accelerator for the month of May. He opened up, and spoke about his vast experience and his entrepreneurial journey so far, on an FB Live session from our channel. During the session he spoke about the dynamics of building a startup and things to consider before jumping in the entrepreneurship wagon. Connecting to his own journey so far, he gave his insights on how to overcome initial obstacles while starting up. He further shared his take on building a right team and traits of an ideal co-founder.

Besides other engagements with the entrepreneurial lot on Twitter chat, Manish also interacted with the entrepreneurs from Delhi centre at our corporate office in Jasola. Some of the broader points he thrusted upon were, the importance of research and development while building up the product and service and building on insights by interacting with customers. He also suggested startups to look for partnerships, particularly with entities who already are engaged with your customer base. Manish stated that maturity to manage funds should come before raising the seed investment. Some of our resident startups shared their specific challenges and Manish provided his mentoring thoughts to enable them. Quite an interactive engagement with Manish.


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