Corporate Gladiator

Every startup needs a gladiator – a person who is prepared to fight to execute a new idea, to find the best solution of a key problem, to put an end to bad policies and to generally challenging the status quo. Even for the best innovation, today’s market can be a tough place to establish itself, especially if you are pivoting towards a new idea or developing a different way of doing regular things.

A true entrepreneur is like a gladiator who is armed with the weapon of passion and perseverance and is compelled to fight till the end in the Corporate Warfield to make his idea change into a blooming reality. The entrepreneur is the person who grabs the steering wheel of the startup with the ability to change directions or accelerate a venture, a person who takes it as a challenge and contests for making the venture successful.

Driven by zeal an entrepreneur is a willing slave of his startup. An entrepreneur fights to beat the toughest competition in today’s market which sometimes feels like wrestling with a wild beast to ensure that his startup survives and grows before the anxious spectators, watching to see if the gladiator can pull it off.

Amanda Austin, founder of Little Shop of Miniatures states that the experience of entrepreneurship is like heading out into uncharted territory. While exploring the unmapped and unexplored territory it’s rare to know what to do next, and you have to rely on yourself and your abilities a lot to explore and map your way to success. An entrepreneur like a gladiator possesses the following gladiatorial qualities:

  • An entrepreneur is fearless

An entrepreneur sees potential in risk which most people try to avoid. With unconditional optimism in the time and money invested in the idea, an entrepreneur combats with uncertainty to execute the idea on-ground.

  • An entrepreneur takes action

An active entrepreneur does not believe in the idea of taking action, they believe in taking actions. Stephane Bourque, founder of Incognito Software Inc says that true entrepreneurs are more likely to ask for forgiveness than permission. With a lookout for opportunities to survive and grow, an entrepreneur without any second thought gets into trouble.

  • An entrepreneur is Creative

An entrepreneur is highly appreciated for being crafty and creative. They might not have exactly the resources they need but they somehow would make everything work out. Entrepreneurship is never about having all the resources but it’s about being resourceful with what you have.

  • An entrepreneur is determined to survive

Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group states that many entrepreneurs are insecure underneath. Since being nervous about failing an entrepreneur just like the gladiator in a combat is hyper-focused on success.

  • An entrepreneur is motivated by challenges

When faced by a challenge, a gladiator rises to the occasion. Motivated by the challenge they work hard to succeed. A bright entrepreneur consistently evolves and recovers quickly, pivoting their business concept in alignment to the market needs.

There has always been an answered question whether leaders are born or made, but successful entrepreneurs tend to share these traits. Many people dream of being a Corporate Gladiator by becoming an entrepreneur, but not everyone is cut out for this line of work. If you’re thinking about creating something out on your own blood and sweat, consider carefully whether you have what it takes to be a Corporate Gladiator.


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