The 3 Biggest Challenges for Social Media

By Khushbu Pandya, Mentor at Espark-Viridian

The most important decision you make in your business today is how to smartly solve the dynamic social media challenge. Because this is an important criterion in your marketing or branding strategy as well, it’s also important to master these challenges. To help with this, I have listed the top three challenges and how to master them.

  1. Content Creation Challenge

Content presents the most complex challenge because everything on social media depends upon this segment. It can make or break the brand. Content has to be fresh, creative, unique, and good enough to bring you an audience and a loyal following. Also, content has many forms, which is why businesses have a dilemma of  what to present where and how. There’s a simple solution to this – make a content strategy and a content marketing strategy. Content strategy will guide you on what content to produce each month, what type of content to be generated, etc. Monitoring that content strategy will tell you what does and doesn’t work in marketing your business. While content marketing strategy will highlight where to promote the content you generated and which social media platforms to publish.

2. Strategy Challenge

Creating a social media strategy for your business is a roadmap to success. Social media strategy is more than just listing down the activities. It’s a blueprint of your overall social media plan.

A good social media strategy has to address the following things:

– Vision and objectives of social media existence

– ‎Audience mapping on social media platforms

– ‎Logical reasoning to your existence on selected social media platforms

– ‎Setting up key metrics to be monitored and measured

– ‎Planned activity calendar

– ‎Manpower planning

– ‎Social media tools

– ‎Monitoring and analytics

– ‎Reports and metrics measurement

These are the fundamental things to be included in every strategy. It can go deeper depending on the product/offering/brand. Brainstorming sessions with your creative team will help overcome this challenge brilliantly.

3. Implementation Challenge

To implement what’s planned and documented is the most difficult task, one requires skilled people to perform the planned tasks, execute them with precision and keep a track on the whole process. There are various tools to help make the process easy and smooth, but it is advised to automate only certain efforts and not the whole process because social media has to have a human touch. The medium is “social” for a reason.

Implementing the strategy involves investing in right tools, people and time. Tools will help you achieve desired actions. E.g. ‘Buffer’ to schedule and plan content on multiple channels, ‘Canva’ to design the content, video tools to create and publish video content, ‘Grammarly’ to check the correctness of the content, etc.

Check out Canva here –

Investing in the right people and building your social media team will help drive the campaign and make it successful. Tools require a brain to guide them. So invest in skills like you are investing in gold or diamonds.

Time and patience is required in social media efforts. It’s not a one night gig. It’s a process that generates conversation around your business and to do that you build your community, make them feel valued and win their trust. To do this on social media platforms definitely requires time. Measure the timeline of your campaigns and you can know the success turnout time. It can range from 1 to 6 months depending on the uniqueness of the offering, strategy and the execution.

At the end what matters is your willingness and ability to take risks that drives the passion to face challenges.



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