Team Building for Startups

Building teams which moves towards success requires constant development and strong leadership. Great teams are aligned on a specific goal and which further aligns into the organization’s vision, mission, and strategy. Everyone on a great team has a clear understanding of how he or she adds value and works to help others on the team succeed. Members understand that when the team succeeds, is when individuals succeed.

An open environment, where the members can share and discuss their ideas works best for the startups. Feedback should be given and taken both laterally and vertically. Common goals hence feed a culture of cooperation and productivity. Team members should connect individual performances to team success and team success to organization’s vision.

Building the right team starts with being an adaptive leader who identifies his/her employees’ potential and fits them best to appropriate positions. Communication should be well facilitated help individual members align to their positions. This is achieved by involving members in the development of the team goals.

Building the right team is not a one-time event, it includes hiring, organizing, and developing on a regular basis and reflecting with timely interventions. The right team has the strength to execute the organization’s strategy through values based on coordination, communication, and collaboration.

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The people at the organization can be divided into eagles and ducks. The ducks come to work every day. They do their jobs, and when they finish a project, they wait for the boss to tell them what to do. They’re comfortable they can work in the same job for years, and be okay with it. Eagles are different. Eagles love to fly. They love to grow and to learn. When an eagle is done with a piece of work, the eagle doesn’t wait for the boss to tell them what to do next. The eagle has ideas and begins to move forward. The eagles will get bored if they are in one place for too long.

We all have eagles and ducks on our teams. The first step is to understand who are the ducks and who are the eagles. We need ducks, but it’s the eagles who are going to make your organization grow and become a  success. The second step is recognising what they’re good at, and assign roles, duties and responsibilities accordingly.

Always remember, people make businesses and if you overlook them, your success will be short-lived.

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