What You Need To Bring To A Program – Commitment

What I’m about to write may be in the context of the accelerator program however as a principle, it would hold true for most things outside the program as well.

Most entrepreneurs join the programme with a fair level of expectation that there would be accelerated movement in their business and also they’ll mature as an entrepreneur. This is reasonable to expect of anyone who joins any course, albeit it rests on a vital expectation from their side – commitment to the program. This envisages not only actual time to attend various sessions but also the follow up on action points that may arise.

I think this is a critical area and needs adequate attention. It’s about the approach and attitude with which you join the program, which is designed to ‘teach you how to fish’ rather than ‘giving you the fish’. It is a counter productive approach for people to state that as part of entrepreneurship they have the licence to lead a life that is unplanned, bohemian in some ways and thus, are pretty much above the law. This could not be further from the truth. While entrepreneurship gives you immense flexibility in comparison to what traditional workplaces cannot offer, a certain element of discipline is critical for you to keep on track; business wise, balancing work, personal space areas, finances etc.

It might be prudent to perhaps look at any successful business person, anywhere in the world and try to visualize if they would have got there without any structure and plan to achieve their goal. This is precisely what the program also aims to do and it is vital that you help yourself to make the most of the help you stepped out to seek. As an analogy you could not possibly sit on the back benches of the class playing games on your phone while the lecture is being delivered and expect to top the class for the subject.


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