Valuation for startup

CA Pavan Sharma from The Balkrishna Group was at our Bangalore centre to deliver a session on ” The Science of Startup Evaluation”. The session was live too on webinar for entrepreneurs from other centres
Starting with the fundamentals of Valuation , Pavan started with a question why are Businesses valued and wny is valuation so important. Explaining the lanagauge of valuation like EBITDA, EBT, EAT and cash flow from operations, pre-money and post money valuations, he made the entrepreneurs understand the financial statements. He also touched on important terms in SHA(share holder agreement) how tax impacts valuation.
Elaborating on valuation methods he touched on Net Asset Value, NAV-market value, based on Profit statement and Discounted cash. He also briefed on all about DCF- the timevalue of money. The audience across our centres had takeways around understanding valuation.
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